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1. Articulated Head
A shield of two sections where the front section can be deflected to steer the shield or cutting head. ...
2. Conductor Casing
Steel casing hammered or pushed into place where soil strata are high in gravel and cobble content or where formation strength is low and the bore would be unstable. ...
... The term is usually employed where the pressure originates from the main jacking station in the drive shaft or to systems in which the primary counter-balance to the earth pressure is supplied by pressurised ...
4. Hose Lining
Lining system for pressure applications where a woven flat fiber reinforced polyethylene hose is pulled into the host pipe and secured by special end fittings. Once inserted, the woven hose liner is inflated ...
5. Pipe Pulling
Method of replacing small diameter pipes where a new product pipe is attached to the existing pipe which is then pulled out of the ground. ...
6. Pointing
Method of repairing a brick sewer or manhole by the application of cement mortar where loss has occurred. ...
Internal cleaning of pipelines, particularly sewers, prior to inspection, usually with water jetting and removal of material where appropriate. ...
... HDD is best suited for installing pressure pipes and conduits where precise grades are not required. The main components of HDD are: (1) a directional drill rig sized for the job at hand; (2) drill rods ...
9. CIPP Lining
... repairs may be required where the existing pipe is substantially deformed or damaged. After lining, the service connections or laterals are reinstated and the pipe is returned to service, usually within ...
10. Slip Lining
... then winched through the host pipe to an exit pit or manhole. In situations where space for layout of the pipe above ground is limited, the new PE or PVC pipe can be butt-fused during the installation ...
11. Pipe Reaming
... well suited for replacing and upsizing pipes in stiff soils and rock where pipe bursting may not be an option. The new pipe is typically a thermoplastic pipe suitable for installations using directional ...
12. Close-Fit Slip Lining
... of large diameter pipe up to 1,500 mm. Cold-folded liners are pulled into the host pipe where they are reverted by pressurization with cold water to a pressure of 1.5 times the working pressure of the ...
13. Auger Boring
... where settlement is a concern. The auger boring process employs an auger boring machine to rotate an auger chain or flight positioned within a casing pipe and fitted to a cutter head at the front of the ...
14. Gold Medal History
... at the Czech Technical University where led a number internation student exchange programs. He was an active member of ISTT and CzSTT becoming Chair of CzSTT in 1994. 2009, No-Dig Toronto Dr. Ray Sterling ...
15. Joint Grouting
Grouting can reduce or eliminate inflow and infiltration of sewer lines and manholes by stabilizing and sealing the defect and the adjacent soil where the defect is not sever and the surrounding soil is ...
16. Pilot Tube
... created by the pilot tube. The turning action of the auger transports the soils back to the jacking shaft where it is removed. The pilot tubes are advanced by the auger casings into the reception shaft ...
17. Vacuum Excavation Potholing
... vacuum excavation systems may pothole to expose existing utilities where use of mechanical excavators, backhoes or boring equipment could risk damage to utilities. During construction and post construction, ...
18. Flood Grouting
Grouting can reduce or eliminate inflow and infiltration of sewer lines and manholes by stabilizing and sealing the defect and the adjacent soil where the defect is not severe and the surrounding soil ...
19. CCTV
... to the point where the camera image records the edge of maintenance hole and pipe interface. As the camera progresses down the pipe, the distance from its launch point is recorded. Other information such ...
20. Localized Sealing
... in the main at the lateral remotely where it is fitted to the main and lateral either by robot or by inflatable packer. Some main/lateral seals cover only a portion of the main wall while others are sized ...
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