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1. Bentonite
A natural clay material having thixotropic properties which is used as a basic ingredient for drilling muds and lubricants. ...
2. Bore
Void which is created to receive a pipe, conduit or cable. ...
3. Cased Bore
Bore in which a pipe, usually a steel sleeve, is inserted simultaneously with the boring operation. Usually associated with auger boring or pipe jacking. ...
Renovation method which seals a length of pipeline between two access points by employing a chemical solution pumped into the pipe and surrounding ground. Such systems perform a variety of functions including ...
Method of lining with a continuous pipe for which the cross section is reduced to facilitate installation, and reverted after installation to provide a close fit to the existing pipe. ...
6. Closed Shield
A shield with a closed pressure chamber or cutting head which does not allow direct access to the face. ...
Method of lining with a pipe made continuous for the length of the section to be renovated prior to insertion, and which has not been shaped to give a cross sectional diameter smaller than its final diameter ...
8. Crossing
Pipeline installation in which the primary purpose is to provide one or more passages beneath a surface obstruction. ...
Method of lining with a flexible tube impregnated with a thermosetting resin which produces a pipe after resin cure. ...
10. Cutting/Cutter Head
Tool or system of tools on a common support which excavates at the face of a bore.  ...
11. Discrete Sliplining
Method of lining with pipes shorter than the section to be renovated which are not jointed prior to insertion to form a continuous pipe, and which have not been shaped to give them a cross sectional diameter ...
Type of microtunnelling machine in which mechanical pressure is applied to the material at the face and controlled to provide the correct counter-balance to earth pressure to prevent heave or subsidence. ...
13. Ferro-Cement
Material comprising cementitious and steel elements to form a structural lining, which is either placed in situ in a man-entry size pipeline or tunnel, or is preformed into segments for later installa ...
14. Fold & Form Lining
Method of pipeline rehabilitation in which a liner is folded to reduce its size before insertion and reversion to its original shape by the application of pressure and/or heat. ...
15. Guided Auger Boring
Method of auger boring in which the guidance mechanism actuator is sited in the drive shaft. The term may also be applied to those auger boring systems with rudimentary articulation of the casing near ...
16. Infiltration
The downward movement of water from the atmosphere into soil or porous rock. The unintended ingress of ground water into a drainage system. Water from the surrounding ground which enters through defects ...
17. Inflow
Flow which enters the sewer generated by rainfall or an industrial discharge or other particular connection. Water discharged into a sewerage system and service connections from sources on the surface ...
18. Intersect Method
... ends of the project to create pilot bores using conventional drilling tools. A magnetic source is substituted for the conventional steering tool in one of the rigs, which allows the other rig to accurately ...
19. Jacking Shaft
An excavation from which trenchless technology equipment is launched for the installation or removal of a pipeline, conduit, or cable. May include a thrust wall to spread reaction loads to the ground. ...
20. Jacking Shield
A fabricated steel cylinderat the front end of which excavation is carried out either by hand or by machine. Incorporated with the shield are facilities to allow it to be adjusted to control line and  ...
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