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1. Narrow Trench
...  Mole Ploughs or Cable Plows works best in easily displaceable soils that can be reused as fill. The mole plough pushes the spoils removed by the plow back into the hole as the machine feeds the new service ...
2. Ground Pentrating Radar
... GPR uses radar pulses transmitted into the ground to image the subsurface by recording electromagnetic signals reflected back to the GPR system. GPR can be used in a variety of soils but works best in ...
3. Why Trenchless? ('No-Dig')
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...  Every day thousands of kilometres of roads are blocked by road works, millions of litres of fuel are wasted, air is polluted, accidents occur, buildings are damaged ...
... networks. For example, entries may address achievements in: Improved economy and competitiveness of trenchless installations; Length and speed of drive for installation, replacement or renovation; ...
5. Lifetime Service Award
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... as Chairman of FSTT – a position he held for many years. He subsequently was named Chairman Emeritus of FSTT. After retiring from the French Ministry of Public Works, Mr. Mermet established a consulting ...

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