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Enrico Boi - NASTT Chairman
Enrico Boi - Chairman -NASTT

ISTT Vice Chairman, Enrico Boi is a Civil Engineering graduate with a background in electronic and information technology. For the past 15 years, Mr. Boi has been involved in the trenchless technology business, with a focus on underground mapping and SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering). After about 15th years with TST Engineering, Mr. Boi is now Vice President Georadar Division for IDS North America, managing geosystem and slope monitoring applications. He is active in research and development of mapping technologies, which have contributed to their advancement. He serves and has served as a keynote speaker and lectures at international events.​.

jari-kaukonen - ISTT

Jari Kaukonen - Vice Chairman -FiSTT

Jari Kaukonen, B.Sc. (Civil Engr.) has been involved in trenchless since 1982 and a member of ISTT since 1987. Jari is a founding member of the Finnish Trenchless Society for Trenchless Technology (FiSTT) and has served as a Board member since its establishment in 1999. Mr. Kaukonen also has served as membership Secretary, and Treasurer of FiSTT before becoming its Chairman in 2011. Jari Kaukonen is business unit manager with WSP Finland, a worldwide consulting company. He is active in trenchless water sector issues including establishment of Finnish National trenchless water management guidelines.  Jari is also an active member of the international trenchless community serving as a keynote speaker and lecturer at trenchless conferences in Finland and abroad, and is a regular participant at ISTT International No-Digs.

Derek Choi - ISTT Chairman;
Derek Choi - Past Chairman -CHKSTT

Mr. Derek Choi is the Chairman of the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT). He was a founding member of China Hong Kong Society of Trenchless Technology (CHKTT) and served as Vice Chairman, Chairman and Executive Secretary. He is dedicated in promoting trenchless technologies in the Asia Pacific region since 1998. Mr. Choi graduated from Purdue University of the United States and has over 20 years experience in engineering equipment and business development in the Asia Pacific region. He joined Balama Prima Group in 1991 and is responsible for the business development and sales management of the Group. Mr. Choi is now Managing Director of Balama Prima Group.

Matthew J. Izzard - UKSTT

Matthew  Izzard - UKSTT

Matthew J Izzard is Vice Chairman of the UKSTT and is an active member of the UKSTT’s education and training programs. Izzard has been involved in trenchless since the late 1980s holding management positions with several trenchless manufacturers and suppliers. He is currently Business Development Director with Tracto Technik UK and is a member of the International Standards Organization Technical Committee on Rehabilitation of Pipeline Systems.

Jens Holterhoff - GSTT

Jens Hoelterhoff - GSTT

Professor Jens Hoelterhoff is Chairman of the GSTT and has twenty more than thirty years experience in underground pipe construction and trenchless applications. Hoelterhoff received his degree as a mining engineer from Technical University, Berlin in 1984. Between 1984 to 2002, he held management positions in pipeline construction, microtunneling and horizontal drilling. In 2002 Jens Holterhoff joined the University of Hochschule Wismar staff as a professor of Construction Management and Construction Technologies. He also operates a private consulting and engineering business with a focus on pipeline construction and trenchless technologies.

Stanislav Lovecký - ISTT
Stanislav Lovecký - CzSTT

Stanislav Lovecký is co-owner and General Manager of Brochier Ltd. Prague. Mr. Lovecký has worked on large projects in Germany, Iraq, Russia in the field of gas and petrochemical industry. He also was responsible for reconstruction of sewage systems in hazardous environments medicinal springs of Marienbad region. Two of his projects received the ISTT No-Dig Project Award for rehabilitation. Mr. Lovecký has published technical papers in No Dig Magazines and Journals, lectured at Watters and Sewers Companies and No Dig Conferences in Czech Republic. He also has written many of his company’s standards for trenchless technology. Mr. Lovecký is a graduate of Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Engineering.

Jeff Pace

Jeff Pace - ASTT

Born in Perth Western Australia. Married with wife Rosemary and son Mark. Over 40 years experience in the water and wastewater industry in Western Australia. Founding Secretary and Treasurer of the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT). Advisory member on the Skills DMC panel responsible for the establishment of Certificate Level 3 units of competencies for trenchless technology. Board Member on the Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee (ADITC) and the nominated representative for the trenchless sector. Current work is project managing the Water Corporation of Western Australia’s Main Sewer Refurbishment Program. Elected to the Executive Sub Committee ISTT Board meeting at Singapore in 2010.

Sergio Palazzo - ISTT
Sergio Palazzo - ABRATT

Sergio Palazzo (ABRATT) is a mechanical engineer specializing in construction equipment. He also holds post-graduate degrees in Business from the Harvard University, and Production Management from the Federal University of São Carlos. Mr. Palazzo first became involved in trenchless in 1992 when he introduced the first directional drilling unit in Brazil. He, along with others in the trenchless industry, founded the Brazilian Society. Over the past two decades, Mr. Palazzo has conducted training programs and seminars, and has been a key participant in the management of ABRATT trenchless congresses. He was the driving force in the establishment of programs for certification of directions drilling operators and navigators, and is working in cooperation with universities to introduce a program on Planning and Production Control for the trenchless jobs.

Keh-Jian (Albert) Shou - CTSTT
Keh-Jian (Albert) Shou - CTSTT

Keh-Jian (Albert) Shou received his Ph.D. degree of Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota (U.S.A.) in 1993. He began his career as a geotechnical engineer in National Expressway Engineering Bureau of Taiwan, then join National Chung-Hsing University as a professor. His specialties include rock mechanics/engineering, trenchless technologies, and engineering geology. He now serves the Tunneling and Underground Space Technology (SCI international journal) as an editor. The joined CTSTT of Taiwan in 2007, became the board director in 2008, and was elected as the chairman in 2013. He is the driving force in the development and promoting the trenchless technologies in Taiwan area, and is working in cooperation with consultants and contractors for various challenging trenchless projects. He was elected to the Executive Sub Committee ISTT Board on the No-Dig Istanbul 2015.

Yasin Torun Chairman TSITT
Yasin Torun - TSITT

Yasin Torun received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Istanbul and his M.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Istanbul. He began his career in Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration and gained extensive experience of underground infrastructure construction. Afterwards he spent several years in Turkish contracting companies conducting underground infrastructure construction projects inside and outside of Turkey. Currently he is working as CEO of Torencon Engineering and Consulting Ltd. based in Istanbul with a focus on business development activities in trenchless technology projects. Mr. Torun is a founding member of TSITT (Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology) and currently serving as the Chairman of the TSITT. He is a member of Turkish Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and Turkish Tunnelling Society. 

John Hemphill - ISTT Executive Director

John Hemphill -  Executive Director

John Hemphill became the Executive Director of ISTT in 2008. Prior to joining ISTT, Mr. Hemphill held a similar position with the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) from 1999 to 2008. Over his forty-years of professional experience, Hemphill has held management positions with not-for-profit, management consulting and public works organizations with a focus on energy, engineering and the environment. In the early 70s, Hemphill served as Assistant Director for Energy Policy with the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris. Hemphill is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and NASTT. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Civil Engineering in the U.S. from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Maryland, respectively. He resides in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A.

Kyoko Kondo - ISTT Membership Secretary

Kyoko Kondo -  Administrative Assistant

As Administrative Assistant, Ms. Kyoko Kondo is responsible for managing ISTT’s membership database and for liaison with ISTT membership and the ISTT website management team. Ms. Kondo is also a member of the Japan Society for Trenchless Technology (JSTT) staff and has regularly participated in ISTT events, since joining JSTT in 2002.


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