The Organization

ISTT is a company limited by guarantee, which is a class of registration in the United Kingdom (UK) used primarily for not-for-profit organizations. Under this structure, registered Guarantors are responsible for seeing that the Society is functioning as required by UK law, is meeting the objectives of the Society, and is sound financially. Guarantors meet annually to review the operations and finances of the Society.

ISTT is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the Officers of the Society and one Accredited Representative from each Affiliated Society. The role of the Board is, among other things, "to manage the affairs and business of the Society and to decide the commitment and disposal of its funds in the best interests of the ISTT Membership." The Board meets annually at the site of the Annual International No-Dig Conference.

An Executive Subcommittee (ESC) oversees the day-to-day business of the ISTT. ESC members are elected by the Board for terms prescribed at the time of their election. The ESC includes the three Officers of ISTT, i.e., Chairman, Vice Chairman and Immediate Past Chairman, and seven individuals, who are members of ISTT and nominated by their Societies.

The ISTT has an Executive Director and Membership Secretary who manage and implement the programs and activities of ISTT.