Speaker Resources

Caution!: Deadline for uploading your Powerpoint is 23 September 2022.

Check your presentation day/session name from here.

This page contains:

♣ Speaker registration

Please come to the speaker's registration desk well enough before your presentation time.

The speaker registration is available from Sunday 2nd October (10:00-16:00), so you can come to the venue a day before the conference and receive a badge.

If your presentation file needs to be changed, please give it to either Chantel Avis or Kathryn Boi from Westrade on a USB stick.

Make sure you name the file by "Session name- Last Name-Company" and there are no other files saved on your USB stick.

We suggest you bring your PowerPoint file on a USB stick as a backup in case the file we received was corrupted.

Please avoid changing the file after this point.

The PowerPoint should be uploaded to the server by 23 September.

Upload Powerpoint file


♣ On your the presentation day

Please come to the conference room 15 minutes before the starting time, except for 7A & 7B (30 min).

Track A: Room 103A, Track B: Room 103B


Your moderator will tell you below.

  • The signboard will be shown at  1) 5 minutes and 2) 1 minute to the ending time. The presentation time is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes of Q&A.
  • The speaker should do the self-introduction, not the moderator. Note that your self-introduction time is within the15 minutes.
  • Repeat the question when you receive a question from an audience. Sometimes their voice is too small for others.

♣ Conditions on registering your paper to the ISTT database

If you do not show up, your paper will not be registered to the ISTT's technical paper database.

If you have difficulty traveling to Helsinki, please contact the conference coordinator as soon as possible.

Kyoko Kondo

Conference Coordinator


Cell phone: +81 90 1776 2586


♣ Site visit tour on Wednesday 5th October

The site visit tour is available for speakers/delegates on Wednesday the 5th (12:00 – 17:00). If you wish to participate, please email  kboi@westrade.co.uk by Monday 19 September.

    1. New installation by using Hammerboring
    2. Cured-In-Place lining project in a house
    3. Wastewater treatment plant in hard rock

♣ Social Events

We have many social events that will help you to socialize with other participants Please sign up here to buy a ticket!

Gala Dinner Featuring the ISTT and FiSTT Awards

  • Tuesday 4  October,   Restaurant Pörssi
  • The booking deadline is Monday 19 September.
  • Coach transfer from The Holiday Inn (next to the convention center) at 6.30 pm
  • Dress Code: Cocktail   

 Optional Tours 

 -Saturday 1  October:  Pre-conference Tour - Tallinn

    Booking deadline: Friday 23 September

 -Thursday 6  October: - Post-conference Tour -  Underground Helsinki

    Booking deadline: Friday 23 September

♣ Lunch and coffee breaks

Lunch and coffees are available at the "Catering" area of the exhibition hall. Please refer to the conference program for the available time.