Webinar — 2021-06-23

Repair of lateral sewers and lateral connections - comparison of techniques and quality assurance

Category: Rehabilitation
Presenter: Dr. Iain Naismith and Dipl.-Ing. Serdar Ulutaş
Organization: IKT – Institute for Underground Infrastructure
Date: 23 June 2021
Time: 14:00 GMT(15:00 BST) / 10:00 am US Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT)


This webinar highlights the lessons learned from 1:1 scale evaluation of the performance of technologies available for the repair of lateral sewers, particularly the use of patch repairs, and repair of lateral connections.
Smaller diameter lateral sewers which connect properties to main sewers are often in private ownership for at least part of their length, but sewer network owners may own all or part of them and/or be responsible for providing advice to property owners concerning their repair. Poor connections to main sewers are often a cause of groundwater ingress into sewer networks.
This webinar considers the findings from several large scale 1:1 comparative evaluations of the performance of different technologies for the repair of lateral sewers and lateral connections undertaken at IKT on behalf of German sewer network owners. These had a particular focus on the ability of products to stop groundwater infiltration and identifying quality assurance measures to be considered to ensure that installed solution will work effectively.
It will cover:
• Background to the issues
• Comparative evaluation of lateral connection repair technologies
• Repair of lateral sewers, particularly the use of patch repair


◆About: Dr. Iain Naismith
Dr Iain Naismith is a Senior Research Fellow at IKT with 35 years of experience in environmental, water and sewerage-related research. Based in the UK, he has a particular focus on international projects and knowledge sharing for this not-for-profit engineering research institute. He has been involved in the evaluation of performance of sewerage repair and rehabilitation products and products in contact with drinking water for some 20 years.

◆About: Dipl.-Ing. Serdar Ulutaş
MBA is a senior research fellow and head of the IKT Compare testing
programme for the comparative evaluation of technologies. In this role he is responsible for
recruiting sewer network operators for participation in comparative technology/product tests,
development of test concepts, construction of rigs and conducting evaluations.