Webinars - ISTT Educational Webinar Series

Educational Webinars

In November 2022, to overcome the challenging times brought upon by COVID-19, ISTT started a series of webinars to continue our mission “promoting the use of trenchless technology”.

We initially started the webinar as an exclusive offering for our members but it has now grown to welcome non-members since early 2023, allowing us to reach a broader audience passionate about trenchless technology. See the list of past webinars from here.

For ISTT (Affiliate Society) Members:

  • All webinar recordings are accessible after members log on to our website.
  • The presentation files (PDFs) are available at no cost as a part of your membership benefits.

For Non-Members:

  • Some recordings are available on our official YouTube channel, “ISTT Trenchless Talks,” to see a glimpse of the valuable content we offer.
  • Each presentation file is for $10 on our website.

To gain full access to our comprehensive webinar library, please join your local Affiliated Society or become a direct member of ISTT if no society exists in your country.

Join ISTT or your local Affiliated Society to see the full content of our webinar.

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