General Announcement

ISTT s Website Enhancements in 2023

In 2023, ISTT made significant strides in upgrading its website to make it a more valuable, user-friendly, and inclusive resource for our members and the wider trenchless industry. These enhancements reflect our commitment to innovation and global collaboration. Here are some of the improvements made in 2023.


Trenchless Event Calendar

Our newly launched "Trenchless Event Calendar" is a dynamic resource for professionals in the trenchless industry. Positioned on the ISTT website under the "Event" menu, this Google Calendar-based tool is dedicated to sharing trenchless events globally. It is curated with contributions from our Affiliated Societies and also includes significant events from other major organizations such as IFAT, ROKATECH, WEFTEC, WWETT, UTC, SWE, and ITA. This calendar is your go-to guide to stay updated on global trenchless events and opportunities.

Trenchless Events

Multilingual Function

In an effort to embrace our diverse global community, we've added Spanish and Japanese translations to our website as of October 2023. This website enhancement, powered by the innovative AI technology of ChatGPT, ensures one-to-one translation accuracy. We understand the importance of accessibility, which is why every new announcement on our website is automatically translated, providing a seamless information flow. Our commitment to inclusivity continues as we plan to introduce more languages this year, making our valuable content, such as paper abstracts and webinars, accessible in various native languages.

Multilingual Function

Trenchless Charts and Descriptions

2023 also marked the introduction of an Excel version of our trenchless technology charts, complementing the dynamic charts available since 2022. These downloadable charts offer a quick, comprehensive view of various trenchless technologies, each linked to detailed descriptions on our website. For added convenience, we've crafted a printer-friendly version, ensuring that these resources are just a print away. The technology list, now arranged alphabetically, and the integrated search box, make navigating to your desired technology simpler and faster.


Webinar Recordings in Streaming Link

We recognize the value of knowledge sharing, which is why we have made all the past webinar recordings readily available through a straightforward streaming link in our "Past Webinars" section for ISTT members. Members can simply enter their email address and click 'SEND' - the website will verify your membership status and promptly dispatch the streaming link. This feature eliminates the need for website login, offering a more efficient user experience. While many of our webinars are accessible on our YouTube channel "ISTT Trenchless Talks," some exclusive content remains "member-only." This streaming link service is particularly beneficial for members wishing to view these exclusive videos.

Webinar Recordings in Streaming Link

The website enhancements introduced in 2023 mark the beginning of a journey towards a more inclusive and accessible future. We urge all our members and industry professionals to explore these new features and fully use the available resources. We will keep pushing the boundaries, sharing knowledge, and propelling the trenchless industry toward a more technologically advanced world.